Are you happy in your current place of job? The key to being happy and satisfied at your place of work is attitude. Knowledge and skills enable you to do an outstanding and excellent job. The two embellish your actions, tasks and influence the outcome at the end of the day. But are satisfied? Attitude is the way we view people, situations and the environment around us. It is your attitude that determines how you feel about what is happening to you in your place of work, school or home. Your attitude influences your responses, reactions, and expectations. After landing a job, you must work not only to deliver good work but to be satisfied. Do not just look for a job that blends with your grades but that which satisfies you, this way, you will discover the best in you. Read on to get tips on how to create job satisfaction.

Creating Job Satisfaction


Knowing yourself is the first step to getting job satisfaction. You must understand your personality, strengths and weaknesses and your preferred working style. The above are matters of the heart; you need to sit yourself down and think to realize who you are. What motivates you? What are your values? What demotivates you? All the above should be known to you if at all you will be happy in your place of work. You should set your goals depending on your strengths and weakness and what your employers expect from you.


Human beings thrive on challenges. Different things, however, challenge us. If you feel that your job is not challenging try and make it challenging. How do you go about it? Aim at beating your previous performance. Create a friendly competition between you and your colleagues. Request your employer for new responsibilities that make you work more. Take a task that needs the skills you need to improve on. Commit to developing yourself professionally by taking online courses, attending seminars, distance learning and reading magazines and eBooks. Always strive to keep your skills current, relevant and fresh.


Boredom is among the things that lead to job dissatisfaction. Boredoms makes you lose enthusiasm and interest in whatever you are doing. Take charge by realizing that you are bored. Most employees take a comfort zone in knowing that the job is boring and leave it to the HR to change things. But that might never happen, take charge by requesting for new positions, new shifts, a department switch and such. The idea is to get a new working environment and a new challenge.